School Store Supply is committed to making corporate decisions that safeguard our environment. Our employees and management team develop systems and procedures with sustainability in mind, thus creating a corporate culture where sustaining our environment is a hallmark of our company.

Over the past 20 years, School Store Supply has created partnerships with vendors and suppliers that share our environmental commitment.

Our Paper

All of the paper that is purchased by School Store Supply comes from Tree Plantations (Managed Forest). Tree Planation’s greatly limit the amount of biodiversity in comparison to what can be found in a natural forest. These plantation crops are the raw material used in creating our noteworthy paper, thus eliminating the need for logging in natural forests as well as rain forests. A majority of the energy needed to produce our paper comes from biomass (obtained from sub products and process waste, like bark, and sawdust) and once produced is delivered using energy efficient trucks.

Our Printing

We use digital presses to produce all of our products at School Store Supply. Digital presses provide the highest quality printed products, but by using plant-based biodegrade toner much of the waste and toxic chemicals associated with the offset printing process is eliminated. Digital presses also use less energy than a traditional offset press helping to leave a less environmentally impacted footprint. customers are accustomed to reliable service and quality printing, coupled with our desire to promote environmental sustainability.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

We have adopted practices that allow for continued growth while reducing waste and need for excess energy. In recent years our management team has invested back into the company by upgrading our facilities to be solely dependent on natural light or LED lighting and we have installed energy efficient generators that reduce energy consumption by more than 18%. Pallets, corrugated boxes, and paper are recycled daily. Our machinery is calibrated and audited to ensure maximum efficiency and to limit wasted energy. The team is committed to ensure all orders are produced correctly and in a timely matter in order to eliminate reprints and waste.

Our Goal

Our goal is to obtain your business now and in the future. We have the highest quality products in the industry today at the lowest prices. Our commitment to service not only significantly surpasses our competition, but also highlights our obligation and responsibility to provide an ecofriendly environment for future generations.